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MoMo Kitty
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Welcome to MoMo's Musings!

Hello friends!  This blog will be dedicated to MoMo Kitty.  My Maine Coon cat.  What is a Maine Coon you ask?  The textbook definition is "The Maine Coon is a breed of domestic cat with a distinctive physical appearance and valuable hunting skills. It is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America, specifically native to the state of Maine,[1] where it is the official State Cat. The Maine Coon is noted for its large bone structure, rectangular body shape, and long, flowing coat. The breed can be seen in a variety of colors and is known for its intelligence[3] and gentle personality." ~from Wikipedia. Maine Coons are also known as "gentle giants".  They are more like a dog in personality then the typical curl up in your lap kitty.

Why did we want a Maine Coon you might ask?  They are exceptional!  We have a Maine Coon mix already and he is just a wonderful cat.  We have met some fabulous Maine Coons in the past and just love them.  We really wanted to have a pure bred one to add to our family.  They are well known to fit right in to a multi-pet/large family home. 

To make our search for a Maine Coon interesting, we are a military family currently stationed in Japan!  Guess what?  The Japanese LOVE Maine Coon's too!  We checked around and found 5 different places that had them, we just had to wait for a new kitten to come in.  I tried to contact a few breeders, but no success.  We would have loved to have adopted one, but our hearts were set on a Maine Coon and due to the tragic loss of my son earlier in the year, we needed it NOW!  We needed something new and exciting to put our attention into.  We thought a new kitten would be a great way to liven our spirits.  MoMo's human brother is 16 and he really needed something to nurture, love, and play with.  So on the search we went.  We asked for Maine Coon in English and the pet shop clerks all knew what we wanted. 

We finally got a yes!  The clerk took us to a cage on the floor, and there was MoMo Kitty!  A beautiful 3 month old kitten.  He was huge!  LOL!  The clerk said, "You want HIM???"  We both shook our heads up and down furiously!  YES!  After a few minutes of convincing the clerk that we absolutely wanted that large kitten, we filled out the paperwork, got feeding instructions, paid for him and then brought our baby home!

MoMo Kitty is considered a Golden Red/Cream/Tortie with white markings.  He is absolutely beautiful.  His coloring is more on the unusual side for Maine Coon's I believe.  Look how small he looks in the picture!  Trust me, he wasn't small for a kitten.  He was already as large as smaller breeds are full grown.  Look at the size of those paws!  Next post I will tell you how we named him and how quickly he grew!

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